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Hidden things are usually the best :)

Well, what to say? The best feature I've seen
in blackberry phones is hidden!
Let's unhide it!
On 8900 and 9000 (for example)
press ALT+CAP+H.
You will get to the "Help Me!" screen.
That screen is not really what you think
it is. It's a crippled engineering screen.
How to uncripple it?
Enter on the above form
the data you see on your 'crippled' screen.
For App Version you must include
the space and parethesis.
For Uptime, just enter the number.
After filling all the form, you'll
get your key.
To enter it just press the keys.
(You won't see anything)
Use ALT for numbers and
normal keys for the characters.
To enter C8, for example, you
will have to type: c then ALT+x
As soon as you have entered all 8
characters you will see the above
screen every time you will
press ALT+CAP+H
Stay tuned,


  1. Hi, Zabir
    Congrats that you had found the unlock for blackberry i had a blackberry which have 0 try left and want to unlocking is there any way to reset MEP i had a solution for other Blackberry Models except 8900, 9500, 9530
    Hope you gona find it
    if you have time just look at MFI Multiloader

  2. Nice to see you still putting your coding skils to use!
    Have fun at what you do ;)

  3. @are: My nickname is Zibri.

    yes I looked at mfi.. and I unlocked an 8900 with it but it was a glitch I'm trying to understand and repeat. It doesn't work with my second 8900. It worked like a charm on the 9000.



  4. Zabiiiiiiiiiiiir (XDDDD) anche se non ci ho capito nulla di quanto hai scritto qui sopra sei un grandeeeeeeee!!!!!!! : D ah, namaste anche a te^^

  5. In due parole: nei blackberry c'e' un menu nascosto che si attiva con un codice che concede raramente la RIM.. Ho fatto un reverse del codice e qui' sopra lo si puo' generare.
    Fine della storia :)

  6. Zibri :D God-like lol.. hoping you release the Blackberry MEP code finding tool :(
    Openness first I thought :S

  7. Admin: funge sempre.
    Se non funge e' perche' hai inserito male i dati.
    nel caso della versione devi mettere anche lo spazio e le parentesi.. per esempio: (100)

    per l'uptime solo il numero di secondi senza "sec o secs"

    E per inserire il codice devi premere le lettere normalmente ed i numeri con ALT.

  8. I managed to unlock 2 x 8900 using MML... i just select clear mep and using menu then reload the device software using 5.0 Beta desktop manager deleting vendor.xml as well

  9. Martin please contact me by email: zibree AT gmail DOT youknow :)

    I think the 2 8900 you unlocked had MEP-07723-003 right? Could you also unbrand them? (I think no)
    With the 8900 with mep-07723-004 mml does not work.

  10. Mr. Zibri! Does every blackberry has this crippled engineering screen? and also! thank you very much! your work is very very appreciated!

  11. Yes. Every BB has it.
    Just find the HelpMe! screen on yours.
    The code can be calculated using the above utility :)

  12. zibri hello, where you are, we are all waiting for applications from your iphone unlocked, apple iphone now has issued a new system, be the first to open, let the expertise you still remember us. we miss unlock iphone from you ...

  13. zibri how's it going? what about HTC phones? or u have decided to concentrate on BBs as of now?
    cheers... ur work rocks!

  14. Just got the screen: thanks!
    Now, the question is: what can I modify and what advantage will I get? can you share with us some tricks?

  15. Just when I think Zibri has done it all he somehow manages to take it a step further. Thank you for the knowledge but more so the inspiration.

  16. Hi Zibri,
    This is not working for me.
    Can you tell me what one should select for key duration?
    I have tried all options on there eg 1 day, 3day etc.
    I have attempted this on a 8320 and 8900, having no success on both.


  17. Key duration is not the issue (you choose).

    Remember to enter the App version with parenthesis for example: (100)
    (with the space too)
    And enter the number in uptime alone (without sec/secs)

    The read my post on how to enter it (don't change the screen or uptime will change and so will the key)

  18. Zibri, thanks in advance for your help and inspiration; got a BB 8520 MEP 0 left; anyway to reset this yet?

  19. Zibri,
    Thank you for this, I successfully opened the screen on my curve. Do you know where I would look to find a spy app that may have been installed on my device?

  20. No idea. I don't like blackberrys so much. I don't even think there are spy apps.. but who knows.. everything is possible. Tell your secret lover to text you on the secret phone ;)

  21. how can you tell which version of MEP the 8900 has?

  22. Zibri, Thanks for the eng code unlock. It is really helpful and with other sites closed and threatened for the same by RIM, be careful

  23. If you enjoy this blog and my findings, click on the DONATE button ;)

  24. Any solutions for the Bold 9700 Zibri? Thanks!

  25. I can change the umts bands with this menu?

  26. I cant seem to get my MEP code seen nor can I get the MEP entering window open on my 8320, what is going on?

    Thanks in advance.

  27. The best post i have seen online since owning a BB this year

  28. i cannot get the code to work... i use a pearl 8100.... what am i doing wrong? if i need the letter H does it have to be capitalized? do i need to tap 5 twice to get H?

  29. how do you get it work on a Storm 2 9520 ?

  30. Emma on 9520 hold blackberry key and press top left top right top left top right

  31. You are the best. After using the on phone application(nguyen which required a license to buy) I though I would never find something like this. Cool! By the way do you happen to have the source code for this? I would like to make an applet for it.

  32. Zibri,
    I have the ATT Blackberry 9800 with "0 left" indication for MEP2. I tried your procedure, the key generated was accepted but the counter didn't reset to 10 left. What I could do? How you could hekp me?

  33. Is there a way to remove this so when you hit alt+shift+h is goes back to the help screen? Thanks in advance.

  34. i want to confirm this works on my 9330 running Os6 leak .333 :)

  35. I do not understand what comes serves on the panel to help and understand the code generated by the site

    I have a Blackberry Curve 9300

    thank you for answering me

  36. Random question - is there a way to reverse this after its done?

  37. Ranom answer: no, but it expires after a day to 30 days.

  38. I am using the blackberry 8700g.
    Pin: 23e2e655
    App version:
    uptime: 508

    When I enter the key nothing happens. I think the problem is that no parenthesis number shows up beside the app version.
    The key I've been entering is 8FC576C6
    Please help. Thanks!

  39. you rock man way to stick it to the man! lol

  40. i have a torch 9800 unlocked for tmobile.. i wanna get the UMA enabled onm the phone.. is this where i need to go to get it done? and if i screw it up, will it make permanent damage to my phone?

  41. Great Blog - have you blogged, how to turn UMA on, on a BB9520? I've got to the engineering screens, but not sure what to do next.


  42. worked like a charm

  43. i doesn't work on my torch. Please help

  44. Works perfect on my Torch Thanks.

  45. I'm trying to follow the UMA posts for an unlocked Torch on T-mobile. I have downloaded the certificates and unlocked my engineering screen, and added the guidelines to the escreen for UMA enabling. But, how do I find out if its working? I turned off the cell network so I'm just on wifi, but I don't see an UMA signal on the top. help me.

  46. Ok so I did it on my torch. It's tricky and nobody explains well. YOU HAVE TO PRESS ALT+CAP+H ALL TOGETHER. Just keep them pressed until you get that screen (on torches is a lot longer) It will give you the whole shebang that it's asking. After that you can follow everything step by step as it explains. Very simple. Do not skip the certificates and also when you are in the UMA options deselect the 2 options there and fill in the rest as showed. Other than that it works. Reboot and enjoy. Mine worked right of the first time

  47. whats cap can i ask? i have curve 8520.

  48. Hello Pal Im having a gr8 problem with my bb 9700 as it mep gone 0 you are simply a king in bb can you resolve my problem

  49. worked on mine, thanks a lot, do I have to do this every 30 days

  50. ive got a curve 9300 videotron a canadien network the alt caps h works no problem i enter in all my details on this site abut yet still cannot access the engineering screen ne opinions????

  51. Unlocked Pearl 9100 - can't get the alt+cap+H key sequence to do anything for me. Any ideas?

  52. Got it! Thanks!!! On my 9100, had to enter it from the "options" screen. Could not get to it otherwise.

  53. after I typed in the generated 8 digits code, nothing happened.. My phone APP version is, do i need to input everything includes (1728)?

  54. @LIU_5728 yes enter exactly as this format " (1602)" for App version

  55. My carrier has locked my umts to 0 on my 9800 is there a way where I can change it to 1,2,5? I have tried on escreen but it doesn't respond

  56. hey, i had my 9780 unlocked.. But recently strange message appeared
    "Phone not allowed MM6" read several forums which says the IMEI is reported lost or stolen, Is it only blocked for the particular country? or every country in the world..?? Can I change my IMEI and PIN so RIM will recognize it as a different blackberry phone?
    Appreciate your help.


  57. What do you mean by unlocked... cause my Storm 2 is unlocked phone means that it`s working with any kind of SIM cards, but my prob is that it`s apps are charging me a lot. So I need to hack`em all :D... can You please tell me how to do it ? :)
    Thanks ;)

  58. Awesome Zibri! Can I just ask, what calculations do you do with the inputs to get the code?

  59. This worked successfully the first time, but then I upgraded the phone to the new OS and had to get the OMA to work again. So I tried to go into the engineering screen using your code cracker but it would not work. Wondering if they did something in the new OS to prevent this hack? New OS version is (2949)

  60. Worked on .668, but not working on new

  61. After I enter the desired info at top of screen here how do I get my key for my BB 9810?

  62. After I entered the code in a BB9650 I get the next menue except of the Mobile network engeniering screen option ? can't find uma settings

  63. This is a cool feature, however, the only thing that nobody has been able to do yet if changing the location flag of your bbm to a any country you want no matter where is your location.

    Is this feasible? Has someone done it before?

  64. this sounds cool but where do i enter the keys

  65. Still having issues opening using bbm and email on 9930 from sprint to tmobile. need help please

  66. Im having problems so far with understanding where to find key duration or exactly what does is mean, need help please

  67. Hello,
    I have a blackberry 9900 that will not connect to the 4g network of my carrier.
    The phone was originally sold by AT&T.(No issues getting on 4g)
    However i am currently with another carrier (T-mobile). For some reason on this network it will only connect to the edge network. Any idea what settings i could change to move it to 4g? I feel there has to be some configuration i can change. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

  68. Hai Zibri, you are the ONE!!! Thanks!!!!
    This worked onmy Verizon 9930. But will i have to redo these steps after the 1, 3, 7 15, 0r 30 days?

  69. I have Blackberry Bold 9930 from Verizon but unlocked for Tmobile and the internet is not working for me , I've BIS and my app version is, Any tricks how to fix the internet? i tried accessing engineering codes but somehow it wasn't working for me.

  70. You are awesome. I've saved so much money over the last couple years using UMA calling and text messaging on my AT&T BB Torch thanks to you, sir.

    Thank you so much.

  71. I remind you that you can hit the DONATE button if you want to thank me :)

  72. Hi i have set my 9300 device to enginerring screen, and i got the MEP code under Device info screen but it is not accepting. Please help

  73. helloo...AAAAANY ideas how to get a 9930 to work in Orange CH?! Ive done EVEEEERYTHING, but nothing works.

    It used to work, once when I went to France and it activated the network somehow. However it doesnt work anymore. Some reason it doesnt register the Host route table. I would DEF donate if you could please get it to work!

    THank you

  74. i have tried it and i got to the next text and it keeps say something like network tunnel not available, i have turned the phone off and on so many times over 30 times and repeated the same routine yet to no avail. The phone is the new bold 9930 verizon unlocked on T-mobile network, can anyone help so i can get to the 2 last stages to activate the phone so i get EDGE so my bbm and internet starts to work since i have that on my t-mobile service already

  75. Hello Zibri.
    I have Torch 9800. I am missing UMTS band IV:

    1700 AWS (Transmit:1710–1755)MHz (Receive:2110–2155) MHz

    How to hack the BB to set up this band?

  76. Hello... I've got a 9790 hardlocked. I still believe its possible to unblock the phone through the back-end escreen by manually editing it but i don't know exactly what to edit.

  77. Hi..zubri. Thanks for all the work and contribution to all bb users.. U let us find hope in our small world.I have 9900 purchased from with vendor Id 618 while I am using it in nigeria with etisalat with vendor Id 600.the problem is that my phone shows only EDGE and does not connect to the available 3g network.the network has confirmed that I my sim is activated for 3g(which is true cos it shows 3g/H on android).. I have tried wiping,flashing,removing IT policies ..all futile.. Considering debranding.. And need good advice..

  78. Hey Zibri, thanx to you I unlocked my Sprint BB9930 bought off eBay. Problem when I upgraded my OS, the email settings didn't seem to go well with the upgrade. I received the 'Device is registered on the wireless network' message and all but each time I go to the email setup screen, it says your device is not registered. I even downgraded but suffered the same. The other features are working well though... all my apps are up and running, browser and everything. HEEELLLLPPPPP

  79. hello Zibri,
    I have a BB 9930 sprint and after i entered the above APN, PIN and UPTIME it gave a code which i input on the screen, my surprise is that i dont seem to get the engineering screen i have tried over 5 different codes but to no avail.
    Kindly assist me

  80. I would be glad to, but I don't have such phone. I don't even have any other BB phone. Sorry.

  81. hey, i typed in the 8 coded thing but it stayed on the help svreen :L, Help me?

  82. Hi m using pearl 3g 9105 with t9 keypad.
    how to get into enginering screen? I already have the code but nothing happen when i juz key in the code in the help menu. Do i have to use alt key for digits? multi-tap for letters?

    Please assist.

  83. I just wanted to AGAIN say thank you and tell you how grateful I am for you and your kindness..
    You have saved me tens of thousands of dollars in long distance international phone call fees over the last couple years with this information.

    Bless you always!!

  84. Thank you! Worked great on my Blackberry Curve 9315.

  85. I got the "Sim not allowed" message and did the electrical test, for my surprise it worked.


  86. Verified works on Blackberry 9360
    running OS

    Thank you for this *impressive* hack!


  87. hello tnx for all ur tutorial am new on dis blog and i need help urgently i have a new refurbished blackberry curve 4 it calls and sends text also the internet is working but the problem is that the Appworld bbm infact the bis doesnt work the edge is still in small letter please if there is anyway u can direct on how to get BIS to work i will b very happy been able to get the engineering screen content what do i do from there i will be over glad thanks once again

  88. works on bold 9700 OS great!!!

  89. @Kenneth Baker: why don't you make a big donation, then?

  90. I filled in the form on your site...nothing happens

  91. i don't get it... what's suppose2happen aftr entering the key? i'm lost...

  92. You are a genius thanks a mill.
    Can I get Skype and OS 7 on bb9300

  93. Hi Zibri...i have bb9930 on OS but can't seem to know the exact info to insert above. Have tried many ways but no code appears for me to access engineering page. Plead HELP!!

  94. I have a bb bold 9930 verizon. After entring all the data nothing happens. Please i need your help.


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