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Sunday, June 21, 2009

A shell script..

wget "" -q -O -|grep iPod|grep ipsw|cut -d ">" -f 2|cut -d "<" -f 1|sort -u|grep Protect



DanExtreme said...

what's that man? a way to restore to 3.0 from your ipod without paying?

Anonymous said...

Vedo dei file ipsw scaricabili... Direi la versione 3.0. Ah perché Apple la fa pure pagare, che ladri. -.-"

DanExtreme said...

dude I miss ziphone! :( really do... your sw was the most solid thing I have seen so far... I really hope that u can come back some day and make us iphone users happy! :D have a nice one!

Zibri said...

Thanks Dan!
Who knows.. maybe one day. If I will find a motive.

DanExtreme said...

I'll stay tuned... As always have been... Keep rocking! :P
I am sure you will find a motive... maybe not in iphone... but you'll always surprise us! for that I Salute you!

Cheers from Venezuela


iVince said...

Yeah comon Zirbi!! The one-click-jailbreak :D

Andreas Karavanas said...

I totally agree with Dan,only one click+10 seconds and your iPhone/iPod touch is something magical.A jailbreak world is in front of your eyes!!

P.S.:So what the shell command means?Only for Macs?Where do I type it?Free update to OS 3.0 for iPod Touch?Who knows...

Unknown said...

EhilĂ !!! Non ho capito come si procede : (

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