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He's growing...and learning... :)



  1. WOW! now that's a reason to live!
    Congrats my friend!

  2. Wow, you're still on the 1st Gen iPhone? Not that Im knocking you, I just figured you'd be on 3G hardware by now. Any who, congrats man. Home your family is doing well.

  3. who's growing...and learning... ? your son or iPhone technology :D

  4. Mi sa che non ti riferisci solo a Zibri JR, vero? :)
    I think you don't talk about Zibri JR ONLY, isn't it?

  5. Yep.. this post was just about my child :)
    And yes, I still own my 1st Gen iPhone (i have 2 iPhones,8gb and 16gb and one iPod 32gb).
    All of them are first generation.
    The 8gb was the one I used to develop ZiPhone :)

  6. one life is good(you)thanks for your help ZIPPHONE3 from Albania!
    2 wow is duble good:) two goods is so nice my frend,child is good two.

  7. First one an big thanks for you ZIPHONE3 and one big thanks from Albania.
    lYCKY MEAN ZIBRI , i see you have one big diamond in your home, is a BEAUTIFULL baby.

  8. Hello little Luca!!!How are you??Is the iPhone good?What do you think?Ask your father when the next version of ZiPhone is coming out.

    @Zibri:Aren't you bored with 1.1.4??I agree that it was the best fw ever but why don't you try 3.0 and find fixes?

  9. Hey there Zibri! I was just curious! what do you think about the work that George Hotz has done? have you tried "the egg of columbus" on OS 3.0? I'm sorry if i'm being a pain in the @ss it's just want to know if there's hope! you know... an alternative to them... cuz sincerely I don't like them...
    Thanks 4 everything...

  10. Beautiful Man! With your knowledge he has a bright and prosporus future be fore him. WIsh I had you coding knowledge, or even where to start in gaining it. I wish all the best to you and yours. It's a shame that pirates had to cause an end to something you did so well.

    My daughter was able to unlock and scroll to the homescreen with her Preschool Adventures app at 8 months, and we didn't show her. She jsut watched and one day astounded us when she did it! IF I remember correctly your son is about 6 to 8 months behind my daughter. Just wait till you see that look in his eyes of "I understand exactly what you are saying" It's coming reall soon. It will make your whole day. Alass the look of "Dude can't you tell I've been ignoring you and you are still talking!" comes with it :(

  11. Congratulations is good to know we have a full support for the iphone in maybe 18 years in the future.

    Thanks a lot for youe effort


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