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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Nostalgy :,)

I'm a nostalgic, I know.
Since David changed the layout of the old site.
Here you have a backup of the original ZiPhone site.
Not much of fun, but much better than google cache :)

The new address is:



OPK said...

ur on some nasty drugs arent u?

OPK said...

yes, yes u are

Zibri said...

Lol !
Yes, I am. My drug is life and having fun out of everything I do.
Go get some :)

Tom said...

Hey Zibri who about this?


Zibri said...


That was an idea and a test I did.
A modification to iTunes to automatically unlock and jailbreak any iPod or iPhone.
And it worked.
But for copyright and legal reasons I couldn't release that.
Now someone will say this is a lie, but it's not.

zioedo said...

lasciami dire che l'uovo di colombo sarebbe stato epico e io non ho goduto di questo epico fatto....facevo il tifo per te....

Anonymous said...

i am not begging or asking over and over again just giving an suggestion

but why not make an iphone 3g unlock software and show the dev team that you are better (which you are) but just prove it

sadly i am running yellowsn0w and it sucks i get bad reception almost every where and when it was released it never worked!!!!!! and its not lik ziphone when i had an iphone 1g it was an easy 5 mins and done

just remember you are better... now just shut the dev team up


I will always remember ... zibri and Ziphone

i will always remember your blog, selected pictures and good titles ...

i will always remember time with my iphone and iphone's customers unlocking , jailbreaking and reparing hints

sincerly thanks

with best wishes


disturbedmaggot said...

@zibri Thats a kick ass drug!!!

jericho said...

zibri hello, where you are, we are all waiting for applications from your iphone unlocked, apple iphone now has issued a new system, be the first to open, let the expertise you still remember us. we miss unlock iphone from you ... thanks b4.. GBU

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