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Movie piracy...

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Many movies are pirated using a camera
in theaters.
Maybe some of you don't know
that any camera "sees" infrared light.
To test it, pick your camera and aim
a remote (your tv remote is ok) at it.
You will see the infrared L.E.D. blinking.
Well.. I was thinking...
What if many infrared leds will be put behind
the projecting screen in theaters?
The IR light won't be seen by people.
But it will appear in recorded videos :)
Obviously this could be defeated putting an IR
filter on the cam lenses.. but that's the road imho :)


  1. I like your thinking! such genius.

  2. good idea didn't think you could see it through a camera but it tried it so cool.

  3. Glad to see a post from you, after such an absence

  4. very original
    i wonder how expensive that would be to actually do though

  5. There exist several technologies based on light tricks more advanced than simple infra-red LEDs.

  6. Except it would blind people. Just because you can't see it, doesn't mean it isn't harmful.

  7. Very nice, but it couldn't be defeated that easily. I use a IR Filter on my D-80 and is almost black. The sun has a hard time getting through it. about 99.9% is blocked, so the movie screen will still not be seen with the filter.

  8. wouldnt that make it like extreeemly hot, aiming IR light at the audience?

  9. this is already done in movie theaters...

  10. HI Zibri. can you give unlock codes for the google G1 android too??? whats up with the iphone 3g unlock as well. Please let me know asap about the G1.

  11. temporary:
    I didn't know that.
    And that doesn't happen here in italy.

  12. dale:
    thanks.. Yes.. I'm pretty busy with real life in this period..

  13. hey zibri!
    real life is indeed more important! ;)
    and thanks for the great work you've done!
    best wishes from austria!

  14. This is a clever idea. But as Donald already pointed out, it's just a small challenge to overcome this kind of security.

  15. many Telesyncs and Camrips are from Russia/Ukrain , and there this equipment is expensive and no one cares about the Rippers

    also, most cammers using Sony HD camcorders , which have an IR Filter integrated , and every cammer will see on the Monitor that ther is something false :D
    and IR LEDs are producing a immense Heat , you cannot cool so many Leds

    at the moment EVERY secure is useless, also the "second picture" is detectable by special filters for vdubmod used from scene groups , if there are no more cam rips there will be more Screeners/DVDscreeners , and these are not Protectable

  16. Its don't worthy to put this infrared light in every theater because people who want to pirate will pirate any way, the IR filter is no so expansive, besides the quality on camera come out very poor and that's the main reason that not everyone in theaters siting with cameras, so its a free anti pirate block.

  17. it would be so expensive to put millions of led's behind the screen, the enought to screw off a recording, but i dont know, maybe just a few can srew enought a recording to make it ugly.

  18. Donald: Sure could... Just need a pass filter that lets through only the visible wavelengths.

  19. i g2 this IDEA 3 yrs back dude
    When my robot had all infrared detector s with heat sensors
    I saw the pictorial difference

    1) Big Infrared Heavy waves need to be emitted releases large amount of heat
    2) Special lens easily by passes it as it does not take infrared in view
    3) Its expensive damn expensive also creates a screen projector problem it needs covering and all dat crap and the filter for it is not even 100$ dude
    4) They are electro magnetic large amt is not good for gadgets!!

    Work on liux then this TP

    I m not dat good at AT codes
    Or i too would <3 to help

    I m using linux in iphone its good project man....
    D mobile installation was made by me but this jailbreak stuff is too time consuming so cant help it!!
    Atleast appreciate Dev team in a new topic!!
    They r doing an amazing JOB
    more den amazing JOB
    Linux is progressing with speed of lightning!!

    Just my personal view
    no competition

    Stifler a.K.a Aakash

  20. AFAIK this already used in some US Cinemas.

    The beam has a kind of "code" in it, so once the movie goes on the internet, they could be able to understand where, when it has beeen filmed and possibily who (based on the prospective).

  21. Sorry, Zibri, but I'm not convinced. Cinema screens are very bright. Small infra-red lights would have the effect of shining a torch (flashlight) in a very bright room: barely noticeable.

  22. oh, i forgot you were over seas. in the united states, lots of theaters utilize this.

  23. it's already invented and patented by a spanish man.

  24. Oh.. I didn't know, but I guess I wasn't the only one to have this idea.

  25. Well I thougth of that once, but then again: the image quality SUX soooo bad and audio is often terrible as well, not to mention people in the audience talking and walking up/down the hallway, do we really need a hint to know its a pirated copy??

  26. It seems it wasn't such a dumb idea afterall..


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